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Love in the Time of Corona(virus)

Love is not seeing Gramma, except maybe on chat. When the Internet
works, and no one else in the house is using bandwidth.

Love is canceling your events, missing that concert, skipping the party,
watching online sermons to try and find some reassurance.

Love is checking daily reports and worrying when you or your loved
ones will get sick. Will there be a bed, a ventilator, if, when, you need it?

Love is going over that math problem one more time, smiling through
the frustration, and (not) thinking about how few juice box rewards are
left in the pantry.

Love is being polite when your partner gets on your nerves, stockpiling
good times during shared quarantine against potential true isolation.

Love is hard.
But in the time of Coronavirus, it's essential.

Amanda Haecker is a woman of many titles: wife, mother, writer, scholar,
Scout leader, Priestess, and crafter. She lives with her family of three
humans and three pets in a geodesic dome in the woods of rural
Northwest Georgia. In her "copious" free time, she enjoys tabletop
gaming, live action roleplaying, and playing trombone in a community

Find her on Facebook at

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"The World Has Run Inside!" by Zach Klebaner.

Published April 6, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

Love in the Time of Corona(virus)

by Amanda Haecker
(Jasper, Georgia, USA)
11th Transmission: "Love in the Time of Corona(virus)" by Amanda Haecker
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