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A Tale of Our Time

We will tell them,
time once stopped.
The tears of our eyes
and the fears in our hugs
will stand as proof
lest they fail to believe.

It will be a story
we will tell one day.

Of our stores and streets
all deserted and desolate
yet echoing the cries
of those under seige.

Of a war we faced
against an enemy, invisible
yet igniting flames of despair.

Of our beloved
gone too soon
like shooting stars
saluting a future
they would only dream to see.

Time once stopped,
we will stand as proof
lest they fail to believe.

It will be a story
we will tell one day.
A tale of our time.
A battle for our survival.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Redeem Kadere is currently in her 11th
year of school in South Africa. She believes poetry to be a tool that
can be used to heal hearts, to unite people and to make the world
a better place.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"sweet smell of chaos" by Pancy Rush.

Published June 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

A Tale of Our Time

by Redeem Kadere
(Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa)
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