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An Unexpected Negotiation

I am here to speak on Demeter,
on the creation of winter,

which no longer has to do with the weather.
Outside looks like the burgeoning of any spring,

but I don’t know if there was another abduction.
We’re here, and bargaining,

and with so many already dead. Yes, they suffered,
and they matter as much as her daughter,

and so far your lot has been indifferent
as our world filled with sirens and crying out,

with quiet resignation, with seething.  It’s all deafening.
All this time waiting for a wrong kind of change

to be made right— is it to you we ask?
I am ready with fruit, with any red seed needed,

if that’s what needed.  But I need to know
about your Olympian conferences,

your decisions.  Our stories of you,
those would die, too.  It’s no threat,

it’s real. That’s how much this time
it’s different, it’s urgent,

I’m pleading,

John Miller is founder of Portland Ars Poetica, an ongoing literary poetry
workshop in Portland, Oregon open to poets who seek to hone their craft
and their poems toward publication.  His poetry has appeared in
Wednesday: A Literary & Arts Journal
, River Heron Review, catheXis
northwest press
, The Esthetic Apostle, in the 9Bridges anthology Over
Land and Rising
, and in Glass Facets of Poetry. His short fiction has
appeared in
Tethered by Letters.  John was born and raised in Brooklyn,
New York.  He has a degree in English from Amherst College.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Traffic Jam" by Mantz Yorke.

Published April 6, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

An Unexpected Negotiation

by John Miller
(Portland, Oregon, USA)
Eleventh Transmission: "An Unexpected Negotiation" by John Miller
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