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Look the world,
Open eyes, shut windows.
Locked doors.
Taking a glance
I see the king, and I see the queen too
Yet inside, locked in the palace
Painted with colors of fear
Not of war, nor off the enemy
But of a virus even stronger than royalty.
I glance again, and I see
Woman of dreams, the most beautiful of all
Her lips tinted red
Soul covered with blues.
Scared of the virus too.
I don't stop glancing now even
I look at the richest
From owing mansions as big as my unsorted thoughts.
Now, Fearing to find a small place for their grave.
On the opposite corner,
I glance at beggars of the street.
Full of wonder what could end their life sooner,
Maybe hunger or maybe disease.
I'm tired of misery now
The old and ill
Praying for a death, with peace
And not becoming the virus's easy prey.
I no longer want to look and feel the pain
But who can ignore,
The baby just born
Wrapped in sheets, as thick as the mother's unease.
About the baby still in womb.
Ready for a life, so unsure?
Mother wants to keep the baby longer,
Because outside is the world so dark,
Filled with coffins and broken hearts.

I'm a student,  I'm 17 years old. Poetry has always been my passion
since I was ten. Poetry is my escape and my joy. I'm happy to be
where I am, and I want to explore myself more through my poetry.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Disruption" by Tamara Best.

Published June 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic


by Vidushi Narang
(New Delhi, India)
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