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Published August 17, 2020

Nesting Doll in Spring

by Rebecca Smolen
(Portland, Oregon, USA)
Eleventh Transmission - "Nesting Doll in Spring" by Rebecca Smolen
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Nesting Doll in Spring

daffodils bloom loud, yellow.
the petals are new, firm.
the eyes of my daughter catch it—
her thinking of me is not instant but
the plan to pick it is already in action.

her hands, barely with years on them,
nails saving the dirt of her multiplying days
open like sunshine and grasp
high around stem. she tugs
with the strength of the women
who have come before her,
that she has been within:

the egg of her inside my new-formed ovaries
as I floated in fluid of my mother uterus,
my daughter being the smallest nesting doll—

only takes a second to pop
the ripe daffodil head off thick greened
stem, stumbles back a step before
she appraises her golden treasure
for any ruining. this,
this is when she thinks of me.

she grabs the newest proof of spring
that she has been requesting
for more than a week now,
pinching where yellow celebration
should meet verdant stock
and gifts it to me proud,
confident of the closing winter.

Rebecca is a Portland-based writer who works as a veterinary
technician by day. She grew up on a dead-end road in NH exploring
drainage pipes and pond-life. She leads generative writing workshops
using the Gateless Method and views inspiration and writing as a form
of healing. Rebecca has a strong feminist voice occasionally trapped
within society’s confines, but vows to teach her son and daughter
there are no confines. You can find her poetry in the
Poeming Pigeon,
The Inflectionist Review, Unchaste Anthology, Mutha Magazine and
her chapbook,
Womanhood and Other Scars.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Life" by Elia Viviani.
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