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When This Pandemic Ends

One day when this pandemic ends, the world will again join hand in hand,
    Racism, a fickle thought, influenced by dimwits, secondhand.
    We are all equal, regardless the colour of our skin,
    Regardless of our religion, financial situation, we are all the same
    The coronavirus treats us all equally,
Why are we not taking this memo from nature seriously?
One day when this pandemic ends, we will all finally see our friends,
    We are the generation of survivors, and this has enabled us to
            make amends.
    We are all interconnected,
    One by one, we fall as dominoes, each of us infected.
    The coronavirus shows us how it feels to be ostracised,
What about those who spend their entire lives disguised?
One day when this pandemic ends, health will be viewed as a priority,
    Question how much junk we have been fed by authority.
    Fast food, junk food neglects our nutritional needs,
    Drinks contaminated like poison, yet one only reads and proceeds.
    The coronavirus tells us sickness can only be avoided through
            respecting our body,
Whose example will you follow when we’ve been shown as shoddy?
One day when this pandemic ends, we’ll be able to buy all the toilet paper
    But we have to understand that our sole purpose is the utter contrary.
    Value generosity and be considerate,
    Aid the elderly and the impoverished, not be a degenerate.
    The coronavirus admonishes us about the fragility of life,
When will we realise that this is a pointless strife?
One day when this pandemic ends, we will go back to saving our planet,
    Implement imperative changes, shine light on the gannet.
    There are consequences to deforestation,
    Sanitiser coming off the shelves as if a lack thereof would cause
    The coronavirus is conspiring to build awareness that the Earth is
    How will we reciprocate to make the world less anaemic?

Has the virus not delivered the memo of how everything is wrong about
    our world?
What will we do to ensure a new way of being will now be unfurled?

Yi Won Tang is a high school student from Malaysia who enjoys writing
the occasional poem in her downtime. She hopes that her poems will
someday be able to influence people to see the good in every situation
despite its shortcomings.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Pandemic" by Wendy Taylor Carlisle.

Published April 20, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

When This Pandemic Ends

by Yi Won Tang
(Johur, Malaysia)
45 Poems of Protet: "When This Pandemic Ends" by Yi Won Tang
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45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic - - image shows pills arranged to spell, 'COVID-19'.
45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic - - image shows pills arranged to spell, 'COVID-19'.
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