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COVID-19 Quarantine

Don't brag, COVID-19
We're not afraid
Shielded we are by faith and love

Your spears, it's true, are piercing our cells
Yet God isn't dead
And shells are cracking rock doves

One day, Heorot had fungas- White Rust
Hrothgar fell sick and sadly swayed
Till God sent that Beowulf

Beowulves we all. You Phthirus
Retrogade. You'll lose this raid
It won't take a lot but a shove

Gathered we are with kids and grace
We eat. We sleep. We pray for the Lord
And ever wary of the blessings above

We'll serve our hive and embrace
Each other. We'll boast life parade
In China, Jordan, and in Rome.

Malek J Zuraikat is an associate professor of medieval English
Literature at the Department of English at Yarmouk University in Jordan.
He composes English and Arabic poetry, as he believes that people of
literature are responsible for contemplating people's progress through

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Pandemic" by Kirk Ramdath.

Published March 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

COVID-19 Quarantine

by Malek J. Zuraikat
(Irbid, Jordan)
Eleventh Transmission: "COVID-19 Quarantine" by Malek J. Zuraikat
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Eleventh Transmission on Facebook
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45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic - - image shows pills arranged to spell, 'COVID-19'.
45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic - - image shows pills arranged to spell, 'COVID-19'.
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