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Socialized Medicine

Two poems by Aaron Simm
Published August 16, 2015

Socialized Medicine

They say that socialized medicine
is full of medieval leeches
and shamanistic rituals  
they want to watch you bleed out
while they cut the head off a chicken

Radical Islam has kidnapped
the President-elect and is going
to pump the second amendment
full of prescription heroin
because socialism didn’t happen here

Unions all have hooded fangs
and spit venom on job creators
Ronald Reagan is a mongoose
I want to have taxidermied
and put him in the corner
of my living room

There are death panels
full of eighteenth century dental equipment
and everyone will be held down and
forced to get abortions
then we will all go
drinking and driving through
an avalanche of illegal immigrants

Affirmative action is a bag full of sharpened
false teeth and bear traps  
and evolution is hokey magic nonsense
that homosexuals want to use
to indoctrinate our children into satanic rituals
and there’s probably a goat involved

Because gangsta rap causes leprosy
and that if you find religion
then racism will be over
and that there’s a giant dashboard Jesus
in all of our American hearts


Life is good -
For the race car
For the battleship, thimble,
and Scottish Terrier
...not so much
The race car has hotels
on boardwalk and park place
a majority share in Pennsylvania Avenue
and owns all 4 railroads
But the thimble lives on Baltic
Dreaming of nothing more that
winning second prize in a beauty contest
The battleship is sinking in debt
It sails aimless on the Mediterranean
And just can’t seem to get a bailout
And the Scottish terrier
just can't seem to stay out of jail

You see the race car took a chance
on some credit default swaps
and everyone
had to mortgage all their properties
But boardwalk and park place are too big to fail
So do pass go,
Don't go to jail
Collect $200
Collect $200 million!
Did I say million? I meant billion!
Still can't make the rent?
Just raid the community chest
And while you're at it
Privatize the waterworks
Outsource the electric company
Bailout the banks
Because it’s
Tax breaks for Park Place
Wrecking balls for Baltic
Bailouts for Boardwalk
Foreclosed signs for Vermont
New Condos for North Carolina

The poor get prison
And the rich get "get out of jail free" cards

So it’s round and round the
same stacked decks of chance
Life is good for the race car
and his associate the top hat
Because capitalism is fun for the whole family
A reason to stay in
2-6 players
But only one of them gets to win

Aaron Simm is a poet, playwright, and hip-hop artist, living in Victoria, BC.
He is the co-founder of the Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival, and his work
has been published in
CV2, text, and the forthcoming issue of rip/torn. His
work has been featured on stages all across the country.
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