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Phooey to Da Hui
Tinking Abstract
Eleanor Sunshine

Three poems by Joe Balaz
Published August 16, 2015

Phooey to Da Hui

Fat cats and vampire bats
all rolled into one

wit red fangs
and bloated meows

announcing da latest decision.

In da 808
tings are getting late

foa da down and out

cause all da major communities
going be off limits

to da so-called human eyesore.

Talking outtah da sides
of dere mouths

and passing laws
dat hurt da poor

da politicans really don’t want
da needy and da homeless around.

Dey tink it’s much bettah
to approve and invest

in da upscale shopping complex
or da plush hotel

den to waste any valuable resources
on affordable housing.

It’s wun racket
and da tennis ball is profits

flying back and forth
ovah da net.

Governing compassion                                                        
is turned upside down

cause in dis game
everyone on da bottom

always ends up
wit nutting moa den love.

Tinking Abstract

Da neurons are surging
on da spider network

omnipresent in da dome

so flash me some neon
and some wild kalakoa

and watch everyting
flow on its own.

I stay tinking abstract

so no give me
wun funny kine look

cause you not going find it
in wun puzzling stare—

open your mind
and start tinking da kine

and den you going see
someting dere.

Fluid and captivating
in wun free form notion

from da cranium to da walls
in wun visual magic potion.

Hallelujah! Banzai!

da signals are sparking
in da brain

cause everyting is revealed
by simply viewing

wit nutting to explain.

Eleanor Sunshine      

Eleanor Sunshine
wants me to expand

lengthen and enlarge

but she’s not talking
about my investment portfolio.

She visits my mailbox
from time to time

just like Latrina Treefern
and Cindy Mae Waverly.

It’s so nice

dat everyone wants to be
so helpful

tinking dat I need to improve
my natural hydraulics.

Now Misty Playville
has contacted me

bending ovah willingly

and telling me
she wants to tie
my sexy shoelace

and take me on wun stroll
dat I’ll nevah forget.

Like all da adah cyber chicks

she stay
zipping around on da fibers

enticing da urge
to fall to da woo.

Sorry honey
but I no can click on you

cause get
too many worms and viruses

floating around on da internet.

Just like
old fashion hookers

standing on da corner

you nevah know
wat you going get.

hui - Group, club; syndicate.  Pronounced who-ee.
808 - Telephone area code for Hawaii.
kalakoa - Multicolored.

Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (Hawai'i Creole English) and in
American-English.  He also creates visual poetry and music-poetry. He
Ho'omanoa: An Anthology of Contemporary Hawaiian Literature.
He presently lives in Ohio.

Read an interview with Joe Balaz in the Hawai' Review:
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