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The Grammar of the Streets
Who Has Seen the Wind Blow

Three poems by Sharon Goodier
Published August 16, 2015

The Grammar of the Streets

In February cold
they pile up
like run on sentences
around open air vents
warm doorways
church basements

                                          They live in parentheses
                                          belongings piled
                                          in bundle buggies

bodies bent with

                                          These are
                                          the dangling participles
                                          misplaced modifiers

in a system
of crumbling

They are the skin of our teeth

                                          As our tongues seek
                                          the syllables of a new

we must hang on by them


Above a dome of pollution
     stratus clouds  
     ghosts of a vanished continuity

Land below
     water recedes.
     takes longer for rain to come

This bucket of dust is not
what was meant by
     “of dust thou art
     to dust return”

This is the beginning of thirst.

Ignoring the message
dust bunny egos no one sweeps
     transform into power balls
     eventually covering everything
til we have to wear surgical masks to breathe

     and look for a radical

Who Has Seen the Wind Blow                                   

I have seen the faces of children pregnant with sorrow
raped by a reality too brutal for tears,
the cries of mothers reaching their way to tomorrow
searching for hope in the midst of all their fears

The sun that rises each morning brings its renewal
seeds of hope on the margins of the oppressed
battered, abused, impoverished, society’s drool
our shame protected by denial’s shock-proof vest

It bothers just like a stone lodged in a shoe
that wears us into blisters that remain
The stone dislodged is still in memory’s queue
No more denying or avoiding pain

The moon in a month slips through silken phases
revealed and hidden by various clouds that pass
shedding its light on everything that raises
awareness and pushes our anger to critical mass

Sharon Goodier is an emerging Toronto poet with a passion for social justice
issues. She was long listed for the Mary K. Ballard chapbook award in 2015
and has three poems appearing in Dove Tales in May 2015. She has self-
published a chapbook of poetry of social change in 2014.
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