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Moon Time
Saturday Morning
As Simple as That

Six poems by Zahra Torbatian
Published August 16, 2015

Moon Time

Who steals Sun’s brightness to begin the life in the middle of darkness,
Who invites stars to spark up the sky,

Time to hide away the ugliness and bold up the colors,
Time to open up the bars and unleash the wildness,
Time to smile,
Time to get drunk and go high,
Time to break the silence with the loudest cry,
Time to pass the red lines and nourish the devil side,
Time to break the lonely cage and fill up the arms with bone and flesh,
Time to lock up the lips by lips and bury the troubles of daily shit,

The vicious Sun is sitting there waiting,
To break the darkness with its brightness,
To unravel the ugly face of crisis.


Lipstick smeared all around her lips,
She forgot breathing while was getting ‘tongue’ explored,
She had it deep and tight,
Her sweaty thighs, bold nipples, and bruised arm
Evidences of her joy,

But her running mascara,
Her black shadowed eyes,
Her wet eyelashes,
Revealing the burden of her shattered heart.

Saturday Morning

It was a Saturday morning,
Freshened up myself with a quick shower,
Drowned my skin in coconut butter cream,
Wrapped the towel loosely around my body,
Laid down on bed waiting for you impatiently,
Suddenly, I remembered you left me the other night...


Three women were in the room,
Two sitting on the ground, one standing,
Two in thirties, one in sixties,
Two white, one dark skin,
Suddenly they realized, all three were covered with the scars of a bitter word

As Simple As That

The coldness has penetrated into their souls,
Sometimes they turn into stones,
No heart, just the burden of presence,
Banging the questions to my head,
It is my trial,
But I have nothing to say,
I always have nothing to say,
I feel and I live,
As simple as that,
No rule, No logic,
I let my life swim in my dreams,
As simple as that,
No limit, No obligation,
Thinking rusts my soul,
It makes my body tense,
It locks my brain,
I just need my heart to go on,
As simple as that,
So don't question me,
The answer has no logic to persuade your ordered mind,
Since it only comes from my heart,
As simple as that...


She is sitting behind the table,
Feeling the soreness in her body from a long swim,
Feeling the heat on her skin from a long sunbathe,
Enjoying every bite of her meal,
Enjoying every sip of her white wine,
She is on her own, in a perfect moment
Simply happy,
There is something wrong with the crowd though,
They all are pointing at the empty chair in her front.

My name Zahra Torbatian, 33 years old. I am Iranian and I moved to
Canada since 2007 to study. My background is in electrical engineering and
I am currently working in a medical imaging company as an engineer. I went
through a very sad divorce in 2012 and since then I realized that I can
express my feelings in the form of poems which soothe me a lot. My poems
are mostly free verse, related to a feeling that I have experienced through
an event. Sometimes I add a bit of rhyme to it as well.  Surprisingly enough,
I just can say poems in English which is my second language. My favorite
poet is Richard Brautigan. These poems have been collected since 2012,
the time that I realized that I can have some creativity in releasing my
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