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Post State Case
Poem by Anthony D
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Post State Case
Poem by Anthony D

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Post State Case

by Anthony D

You can rent a place & utilities to live
or pay for a stay to store yourself in.
Either way borrowing months boxed
with the dollars that paid for the hours
you worked hard for, to quietly loan
this place to nest; quaintly ornamented
or else to rest: hypoxic bag in a folding bed.

But there's always some disturbance.
Owner, cops, neighbourly door knocks;
fuck off. You give no shits for Witnesses,
girl’s cookies, complaints, or "only a drill" escapes.
Cannot lease peace, cannot lend space:
kids of conquistadors, robber-barons
old world feudalism, older tribalisms, "them & us":

There's no land that is not lorded; horded; bordered
no safety-zone, no hiding place, no home.
Second guess our breath – spiritus or flatus –
Kissing a face or an ass - what's the difference?
This human hiss of walled round confusion,
stink of an animal in love with its prison.

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