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These Days
Poem by Ashley Cole
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These Days
Poem by Ashley Cole

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These Days

by Ashley Cole

This year Christmas came early
In the shape of a pill,
A pipe
A laugh
Some chemicals brewing in your boyfriends bathtub
High- you told Santa-
That's all you want to be for Christmas

He said girl I won't be there
When your down on your luck
Your knees are as red as my suit
They are bruised
From too many unanswered prayers
I can't go there
Back to that place
Where the white man
Came and claimed
Your land and your race

Wore a red suit, sat children on their lap
And promised them dreams with broken wings
And things that were not theirs to offer

Some days I am filled with as much fear as you
It is bitter
Like a pill I will swallow it down
It transforms me

Like you did

You are the strongest person I have ever met
I know this because you ask me questions like
Should I get a tattoo on my face like Mike Tyson?
I tell you you never ever should
But you are strong in your wanting

You are like the totem pole
Your spirit stretches to the sky
Some days I think I see you from the hillside
Stretched tall and bringing hope to those who see you

But these days your down on your luck
these days your back on the street
and are using
So very much precious time
I wish I could save you but I know that I can't

This Christmas I have a poor gift for you
it is me saying I will always
Be there for you

May these words that I write reach you
May you know there is always
Another day
A new start
And people who love you
I know I do

Photography by Ashley Cole.
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