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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 260
Poem by Duane Locke
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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 260
Poem by Duane Locke

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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 260

by Duane Locke

Cadenza in Vienna,

An African drum, Teutonic trumpet,
And Slavic string instrument my Western
Orientation could not identify.
Everything that history had chained apart
With borders

Harmonized into an aural existence
That maintained its singularity while
Overcoming apartness and becoming
Polymorphous.  The music unified
Without the destruction of reduction
Into a generalization or stereotype.
It was totally determinate and became
Totally indeterminate.

It was as if the sounds celebrated
Human existence emerging from nature
And remaining in a close and caring
Relationship with nature.  It was
A prelinguisted  sound before the human brain
Went wrong and began to falsify
And anthomorphized nature,
Impose fictions on nature,
It was a pre-Edenic music, a pre-Zeus music.

The music presented a nature, a world,
Neither materialistic or immaterialistic,
A nature, a world, when the “subjective”
And the “objective” were not separated.
Nature was nature and no longer
A distortion and falsification of
The reflective consciousness.

I stood underground in a Viennese subway,
A floor of white shinning tiles,
Feeling how this music destroyed Descartes,
And diminished the Categories
Kant falsely imposed on existence.
I thought of Shelling and his groundless ground,
Or grounded groundlessness.

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