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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 262
Poem by Duane Locke
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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 262
Poem by Duane Locke

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Keywords: eleventh transmission, poetry, fiction, photography, visual art, spoken word, film, socially engaged,
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Terrestrial Illumination (2014) no. 262

by Duane Locke

What we share together never will
Bring the truck with the TV cameras.

In our relationships college-mechanized, robotized
News reporters cannot find the cause,

Or the trite words that reduce
And distort this reality to what is called “a theme.”

It is a basic principle of current and historical human life
That the supreme summum bonum

And supreme eudemonia of human existence
Will never be chronicled because these

Highest and most important goods cannot
Be understood by our current equipment of understanding.

Since the greatest values in life are pre-linguistic, pre-reflective.
Our supposed poets are too trivial, too slave-mentalized to create

Out of the language of lies the people speak
And think they believe, although all is beyond their understanding,

A new poetic language of figuration and prefiguration,
A non-literal, metaphoric language that unconceals Aletheia.

And takes us beyond our false, mechanized, reductive
Current leaned understanding of the Earth.

So, Earth, no future generations will read about
Our relationship and what we share together,

And our moments of exaltation and transformation
Together will disappeared into oblivion.

Photography by Duane Locke.
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