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coffee with e.e. cummings in my head
Poem by Elizabeth Cheung
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coffee with e.e. cummings in my head
Poem by Elizabeth Cheung

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coffee with e.e. cummings in my head

by Elizabeth Cheung

faster i have never sipped, slower now beyond
my clay mug, your cappuccino
on this most sensual bar stool are things which kiss me,
of which i cannot touch because they too are dancing

your ribald look while prancing by me
you savor me at the table
you recline chair by chair into a Sphinx
(thinking need not apply)

you offer me a spoon and say “Write me”
lick my gloves  - no explanation, obtained,
as when my leather boots or this clay mug
don a fur coat and assume the dance

it means nothing that we sway without your walking cane
or that your  mole skin painted by your panssexual fountain pen:
gives me the espresso of my americano,
loving  black gold more with each sitting

i do not see what it is about you
that hug that frolic; only something in me smells
the dark chocolate in your mocacinno while you stroke in the sunset
not even old books have such wiley pulp fiction

i take my clay mug and leather boots and vintage fur;
and all is as it was again.
(I having sipped you up inside
hidden behind my Life Magazine.)

Poetry by A.J. Huffman.
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