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Body Image Issues
Poem by Honey Novick
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Body Image Issues
Poem by Honey Novick

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Body Image Issues

by Honey Novick

phone call from a friendly acquaintance
talking this and that
tittle and tattle
until the meat of the conversation

“do you think I eat too much?”
she asked of me
“I hadn’t noticed” was my reply
she continued,
“the woman who joined us at the concert
suggested I join Overeaters Anonymous”
she confided, adding, “do you think I have
an eating disorder?”

I said I thought the other person overstepped a boundary
It’s none of her business
and that I was sorry, not apologizing,
but expressing sorrow
that the other woman felt compelled
to start this conversation
it is too intimate and personal for acquaintances

I do feel sorrow at this new war on women
the war resulting in eating disorders and body image issues
the feminist warriors of a longer standing  battle
are having their voices heard in some arenas like
choice and equal pay for equal work
some action has been taken, but
this is a new patriarchal war – attack how women
view themselves and then assault how women cope
with their self-perceptions

some women have been coopted
into waging war on other women
using these personal affronts

My new battle cry is:
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
My perceptions of me concerns you NOT AT ALL"

Photography by Shay Lhea.
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