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Meet Them Where They're At
Poetry by Julia Shaw
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Meet Them Where They're At
Poetry by Julia Shaw

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Meet Them Where They're At

by Julia Shaw

Meet them where they’re at
Move a step forward, and another one back.
It may be a cha-cha for some,
While life may be a march forward for a few,
But take a look around,
Who is left behind and in line,
Forever waiting, it seems…
Life being “stuck in the que.”
It takes money, time, and support
To have the privilege to know or learn how to dance.
For some it may be inherent,
While for others may have two left feet,
Or who knows what they could do if just given the right support.
When we look around and see who is stuck while others cha-cha or         
march through life,
Do we think “everyone can dance” and blame the person putting in the
Calling them lazy or crazy?
But take a look closer,
The flow and ease of our movement is a privilege not everyone has.
Would it be so easy if you or I weren’t helped along the way?
We could take a break from dancing,
Give up some of our privilege so that we can share it with others,
Meet them where they’re at,
And step down from the stage we’ve built up for ourselves -
A stage which exalts a few at the cost of the backs of others.

Poetry by Mikaela Radford.
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