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Lust Has No Mercy
Poem by Mariah Wilson
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Lust Has No Mercy
Poem by Mariah Wilson

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Lust Has No Mercy

by Mariah Wilson

In a frantic state of panic
altered to feel like urge
and need you are twisted
into pretzels and knots
inside out
back again
all within the space
of a single breath
because he looked at you
and you wanted to fall
apart and back together
all at once and everything
about you betrayed yourself
you’ve been consumed
before you even realize
what’s going on
now you’re trapped in a state
of panic bordering frantic
a wild fire sweeps across
raw nerve endings
that make you feel like
everything is beginning
it’s torture
but it’s bliss
you need it to never stop
you want it to end
it will end
it will keep going
it will hurt in amazing ways
and you’ll beg for mercy
where there is none

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