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A Modern Thought
Poem by Piotr Pawlowski
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A Modern Thought
Poem by Piotr Pawlowski

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Keywords: eleventh transmission, poetry, fiction, photography, visual art, spoken word, film, socially engaged,
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A Modern Thought

by Piotr Pawlowski

I. Gift Cards

There is more of it everyday
Warrantied and waxed
Makes for no good kindling
Fit to mulch plastic trees

The papers, it is written,
We must keep as proof

II. Memory

I remember picking beets
Flesh ripped away from flesh
That's how life usedta coulda worked

Oh viscous river – a pink lolling tongue –
Said store fat for the winter
It was a simple matter of bending over
And taking it

We spoke ursine
We spoke corvid
We were febrile
Caught our fire in infantile skulls
Cast shadows in the cerebellum
Spooked ourselves out of our skins

And our dreams flew frantic
As bees from broken hives
Left us hollow
As owl snags
Left us grasping
For the closest point of reference

Some to stone
Some to meat
Some to the puddle fermenting at the roots
Some to the vine and the weed

We questioned with our hands
We worshipped with our feet

Those in the distance
Did it slightly differently

They offered us their thoughts
We bartered with our hides

But you were the frightened of the litter
Clairvoyant rabbit
Yes, you spoke to things you invented
The star with tails
The crown
The host

Now I'm here behind the service desk
So show me, teach me
How to drink from gift cards
How to cultivate from guilt
Show me crows in heaven
Bears pawing at the gate

Shall we drink their blood
Sweeter than honey?

Chief, send word to balance the tills
And I shall pacify you with flawless
Booking keeping skills

"Still Winter Hours" by Piotr Pawlowski.
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