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Keep Moving! Do it Now!
Poem by Victor Clevenger
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Keep Moving! Do it Now!
Poem by Victor Clevenger

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Keep Moving! Do it Now!

by Victor Clevenger

The night sky rains powder,
it rains hot gas and brains
short circuit;

the media shows it all.

God never concocted rain
like this, it's man-made rain to
be inflicted on man.

. . . . . encroachment,

the respiratory command
centers get overtaken, and
the elevators that run up
and down the spinal shafts
stop working —

tongues hang out touching
chins until all the muscles
that have never known
learn confusion;

the jaws and eyelids snap
shut, clench tightly like rusted
door hinges, and

noses are all that men have
left to gasp from as canisters
clink against the concrete like
ice cubes against the
bottom of my empty
wine glass, and . . . . .

people are all son-of-a-bitches
choking on both sides of
what is right, and what is wrong.

I am two hundred and six miles
away from the rain that falls
in Ferguson, and I am a
son-of-a-bitch too . . . . .

don't shoot, Sir,
I am only reaching for
the television remote.

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