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500 Million U.S. Dollars
Poem by Victor Clevenger
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500 Million U.S. Dollars
Poem by Victor Clevenger

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500 Million U.S. Dollars

by Victor Clevenger

Sit down, son, I'll explain it to you
the best that I can, see . . . . . if there
are ever men lacking the ability to
execute war with precision, then the
men of greater wealth are always
willing to sacrifice their own finances
in an attempt to provide the means
for equality,  

'when men murder men on a rich
man's dollar . . . . . goddammit they
better do it with pizzazz'

because the rich men have foolish
pride and will commit to endure great
debt until they feel that war is done right —

even when that endurance means
starving their own children who sleep
on the concrete streets with newspapers
for pillows and bread sacks for socks.

It's sad, son, but there is not a damn
thing that we can do about it; common sense
can't be bought or sold —

fear and emotion can.

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