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Nicotine Dreams
Flash Fiction by Victor Clevenger
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Nicotine Dreams
Poem by Victor Clevenger

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Nicotine Dreams

by Victor Clevenger

I put the rolled cigarette paper against my lips and instincts took control
— a good four-second suck, then pull out, look at it, and then suck
once more.

My lips touched it, but not hard as if it were a lover and not with the
soft uncertainty you feel with a stranger; I would say that my pucker
was comparable to the comfort of kissing the neighbor lady in a hotel
hallway, Augusta, Georgia, September, Two-Thousand and Three.

I dropped my hands and blew hot smoke into the night; I positioned
the ashes downwards with the flick of my wrist and then worked it in
circular strokes as the fire's orange glow made strobe type designs in
the darkness; I wrote my name in cursive with it and I'm quite certain
that spontaneous actions like trying to burn, or brand your name into
the air only looks like glorious art in your own head, but I stood there
alone with nobody else’s opinion so I waved my hand back and forth
to scribble it out, then twisted my wrist to work it back up towards my

Instinct once again took control and I sucked it off, I convinced myself
I was wrong, then I wrote my name many more times just for my own
pleasure, for the hell of it, for the satisfaction of imagination; just to say
I saw my name in lights long before the future generations even bother
to pick up one of my books and question themselves with  — is this
even worth my time?

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