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45 Poems of Protest - Submission Guidelines

Additional submission opportunities can be viewed on the Wax Poetry
and Art Submissions page.

Submissions are closed. The remaining submissions will be
processed, and then 45 poems will be selected for the next phase of the
project. Poets whose work is included in the next phase will be notified
by July 31, 2020.

Poets of conscience and courage, living everywhere on Earth, are invited
to submit to
45 Poems of Protest. Submissions in a language other than
English must include an English translation.

The struggle for social justice is real, and poets are not silent. Trump,
Brexit, and far-right movements around the world threaten democracy,
free speech, human rights, and the environment. At the same time,
momentum is building for action to make the world more equal for
everyone, and to save our world from environmental disaster. Inspiring
protests led by concerned citizens and youth such as Greta Thunberg
are demanding change. The role of the poet is to critique, celebrate,
acknowledge, and inspire, to provoke thought and action, and to speak
truth to power. Those are the poems sought for publication in
45 Poems
of Protest

The goal of this project is that these poems will become an essential
poetic record and provide inspiration to social justice movements for
generations to come.

Publication Information & Submission Guidelines
Submissions are open.

Please read these submission guidelines carefully. You must agree with
the terms on this page in order to submit poetry to this project. Your
submission will be taken as proof of your agreement and as such, no
additional contract will be required for publication to proceed. As such,
you must include the following statement in your submission: "I agree
with the submission guidelines for the special project, 45 Poems of

Accepted poems will initially be published online in
45 Poems of Protest.
Eventually, some poems will be collected into an edition and published
online in the
Wax Poetry and Art Library, with the title, 45 Poems of
. Not all poems initially published will be chosen for the collection.
Additional volumes of the collection may be published. If possible at any
time, a print version of the collection will be published.

There is no immediate timetable for when the poems initially published
45 Poems of Protest will be published as a collection in the Wax Poetry
and Art
 Library. The project is still in the process of publishing its first 45

45 Poems of Protest is a free publication and as a result there is no
compensation for being published in this special project. There is no
initial compensation for being included in the resulting collection, or for
being published in a possible print version. Writers included in the
resulting collection will receive a 50% royalty for online sales of their
publication (i.e. pdfs) in the Wax Poetry and Art Library. Writers will
receive a 20% royalty on the sales of any print version that results.
Royalties will be shared equally among artists based on number of
poems included. Royalties will be paid annually in January, to anyone
whom a minimum of $10 CAD is owed.

Submission Guidelines
Submit 1 original poem relating to the theme.

The poem must be titled. The maximum  number of lines is 35.

The poem may be previously published. Simultaneous submission is
allowed. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please note that
poems may not be simultaneously submitted to more than one
Poetry and Art
submission stream.

Since this special project accepts previously published poems, you do
not need to notify me if your poems are accepted elsewhere. Please
remember to withdraw your poems if you enter them into a market that
does not allow simultaneous submissions.

Submissions must include:
- Agreement statement: "I agree with the submission guidelines for the
special project, 45 Poems of Protest."
- Poem.
- 100 word maximum biography (plus social media and www links you
wish to share).
- Complete postal mailing address including city, province, country, and
postal code.

Copy and paste your submission into the body of a single email. Do not
include attachments.

Place the title of the special project, "45 Poems of Protest", into
the subject header of your email.

Send your submission by email to

About the Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh
Transmission, and other publications. He has been a poet and publisher
since 2005, originally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His first book
Love in a Handful of Dust. Kirk now lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
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