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Published August 17, 2020

Shrouded in the Spartan Gloss-fire

by Pawel Markiewicz
(Bielsk Podlaski, Podlachia, Poland)
Europe Poetry Magazine - "Shrouded in the Spartan Gloss-fire" by Pawel Markiewicz
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Shrouded int he Spartan Gloss-fire

the meek family of four
- quaint-dreamy perioikoi

are sitting around a Spartan glamorous fire
- endearing glittering

before myths-like holt
- where ghostlets lived in divine owls

since the time immemorial
- the forgottenness connoted tender fog

in those days, the spell of family
- father-Epicurean as a victorious hoplite

who has returned home
- where afterglows were the most propitious

and morning-red of sunlet was indeed amazing-dreamy
- as a trace of the sempiternity

perioikoi: the woman a vendor of figs and the man a peddler of pearls
- having sat on the ravishing Golden Fleece
perioeci: sons, landowners
- sitting on the exquisite textile of Pythia

the most exquisite - kindling of the Gordian knot

its all Apollonianly bewitching mood - with the Dionysian wine
the family dream and philosophize - such Socrates or Aristotle
about the Homerically pleasing stanzas

only missing weird-like lyre - in contrast the grand harp having

Kindle a Prometheanly divine spartan fire!

an enticing spunk - the dazzling brio
a comely fieriness – the alluring passion
a delightful light beacon - the pleasing mettle
a charming spark - the enticing scintilla
of our metaphysics

the soul of the hoplite becomes romantic, dreamier, and
most tender

Paweł Markiewicz was born in 1983 in Poland (Siemiatycze). He has
English haikus as well as short poems published in the best literary
magazines in the world, including
Ginyu (Tokyo), Atlas Poetica (U.S.),
The Cherita (U.K.). Recently, he has published some poems in
Taj Mahal Review (India) and Better Than Starbucks (U.S.). He has
also published poems at
Blog Nostics as well as a short prose piece
entitled "The Druid." Paweł has published more than fifty German-
language poems in Germany and Austria and three Polish-language
chapbooks in Poland.  

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