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Without Finnish Idioms

I stand like the letter ö
in the corner of the spelling book,
no place for me on any page.

Calm as a pot of sour milk,
I tread forward in the language,
drinking its tar slow.

I speak of another page where I fit,
but my voice is a cat,
circling a bowl of porridge,
uncertain if it’s solid or liquid,
only to be shooed away.

The ways are many, my teacher said,
wiping the table with the cat,
but she speaks into the hole in my head.

Her words do not echo
like the quack of the last duck
waiting on the cliff
to leave at autumn’s close.

Gerry Stewart is a poet, creative writing tutor, and editor based in
Finland. Her poetry collection,
Post-Holiday Blues, was published by
Flambard Press, UK. In 2019 she won the
Selected or Neglected
Collection Competition
with Hedgehog Poetry Press for her collection,
, to be published in 2020.
Twitter: @grimalkingerry

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Previously published in
Europe Poetry Magazine:
This is the first poem published in this magazine.

Published July 13, 2020

Poets of Europe Contest #1 - First Place

Without Finnish Idioms

by Gerry Stewart
(Helsinki, Finland)
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