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"The Anniversary" by Sam Szanto


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Published May 1, 2022

The Anniversary

by Sam Szanto
(Durham, England, UK)

Stopped - by the small black date on the screen.
Twenty-four years. But work to do first.

On the way there, blue hydrangeas purchased,
no reason other than blue must have been his favourite colour,
and drove to the grave attended by a berry bush,
today, a redwing high chip-chipping, orangey-red patches displayed as it flew.
We were wings of the same bird as children,
playing tennis over our washing-line, riding bikes on our close, night-swimming in the river.

Back - along a black scar of road,
chest cold and dense as if packed with wet sand.
The fields bare, trees bereft of leaves,
moonlight in leaden slabs.
A fox scampered.
That river longing in the moonlight-

something - dumped,
sausages, white and lumpy-
arms and legs.
Him, again.

Sam Szanto: I am a writer living in the North-east of England with my husband and two children. As a poet, I have won the 2020 Charroux Prize for Poetry and the First Writers International Poetry Prize and placed second in the Hammond House International Poetry Competition. I am studying for the Poetry School / Newcastle University MA in Poetry. Over thirty of my writings, including a short story collection, have been published and / or listed in competitions.

This poem is included in Poetry World #3, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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