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Di Salone Uman / The Sierra Leonean Woman

Let me weave a tale
A tale of elegance and magnificence
A tale of beings so out of this world
Their mere presence molded the earth
From the tip of the Nile to the jungles of Madagascar
Their grace shone like the river Congo under the burning sun
Their curves could only be compared to the palm tree swaying
Swaying In the gentle breeze of the Atlantic Ocean
Oh yes these creatures were gems
It was said that their smile
Deserved a place on the peak of pyramids
It was said that their eyes
Could bring water to the Sahara
These Queens, these Empresses
Dragged in chains but still
Still, they glowed
Rise they shall again
Have you ever seen a lioness?
You don't need to see one
To hear her roar
You don't need to see A Sierra Leonean Queen
To hear her cry
It is said that the sunsets
Are a way of bowing down to her highness

Poet's Note
I am a ‘Korankor’ from the northern district of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Sanah Mara is from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He is a lover
of literature and finds an escape in the utopia that a perfectly crafted
piece can bring. He hopes his writing can motivate readers to think
outside the box and ponder about human nature and the world we live
in. He wants to put his country on the map.

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Previously published in
First Nations Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Melanie Garant.

Published June 1, 2020

Poets of the First Nations Contest #1 - First Place

Di Salone Uman / The Sierra Leonean Woman

by Sanah Mara
(Freetown, Sierra Leone)
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