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Stories Inside Her

She carries a bookshelf inside her heart
With ink flowing in her veins.
There are a lot of books to read
And a lot more to understand.
Few people came and took a sight,
Some waited by,
Read but closed before the end,
It was too difficult for a normal human being to understand.
There is a book she wrote about the people she met,
That is lying at the corner with more dust than stories.
Few people took lines to complete
And few, a whole chapter.
Some of them,
She wanted to end soon
And some,
She wanted to go with forever
But both ended
When they were supposed to.
Teaching things to her
She thought she knew about her, already.
They asked her
What does she get from writing about all of them,
Except for revisiting the pain
She said under her breathe, peace;
Because they were too busy calling her a mess
But right now, she is waiting to write the chapter
That will probably never end.

Anjali Chaturvedi writes free verses and poetry. She has been writing
for more than two years now and runs on indie music, chai, and

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India Poetry Magazine:
"Addiction" by Pranav Krishna.
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Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet

Stories Inside Her

by Anjali Chaturvedi
(New Delhi, India)
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