Published September 7, 2020

First Place – Poets of India Contest #2


by Pranav Krishna
(Kozhikode, Kerala, India)
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I don’t remember the day
or events that led me to take
that breath of smoke,
only what I felt in the moment lingers,
a bit of exhilaration that comes along
with defiance;
losing all sense of the world,
yet so much in control.
It filled me, completed me
and its essence still alive,
wanting more and more,
adding to its existence.
I obliged to its whims
for the freedom it granted,
to think alone in its warm embrace,
suffocating my notions
of fear and remorse,
putting them to sleep.
Days went on,
so did the grey I consumed
as it consumed me,
as it consumed those around.
I was naked in its dungeon,
slowly stripped of my being
and it never ends!
I don’t know if it ever will.

I am Pranav Krishna, a student year old who lives in Kerala, trying to
make his voice heard. I have always loved poetry, because of its
concise and enigmatic nature and the fact that it helped me get
through a lot while growing up. I am currently studying engineering
in BITS Pilani, Goa, enjoying the experiences it offers.

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