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letter to the beloved

sit here darling
not in the poetic hours of those overrated A.M.s
but in the discomfort of a 3:54 afternoon
sit here my love, without a hot cup of cappuccino
sit so you can see me weep so strongly
that words come out of those memories worn from revisiting
sit here please while i tell you about the girl you love, or used to
let me tell you what i see when i close my eyes–
a garden from a childhood long lost, a bitter cold from the loss of family
a house of dreams and a little girl – frills and frolicking
bright pink, a twisted tooth, a treehouse and a 10 rupees orange bar
watch me bare myself, love, for the first time
watch my naked silhouette dazzle
with truth, with sorrow as i mourn the loss of memories
watch as i go back and forth, back and forth
tirelessly trying to remember what the tree looked like
i'll tell you darling if you will sit where i go when my eyes become blurry
flashes of pink, red and orange of an old saree
and the distant eerie of a broken radio
only if you sit i shall tell you big houses scare me easy
for i saw a house getting bigger- five rooms to ten
while i shrank, lying in bed listening to familiar laughs from across the wall
every night my love i told myself that walls are good
only then can we climb, sit on top, dangle our feet and see each other
we need the journey
but climbing is too hard my love
so please oh please sit here with me
your eyes and mine and let me see your beautiful face
as i give you this chest of memories so that i may breathe
keep it safe because my love
there is no home right now, no where i can go
and peacefully sleep
in these memories.

My biographical statement would be rather short as my work is limited to
my little black diary. I come from Jaipur and am pursuing my Major in
History. I believe that poetry should be written with the intention of getting
as close to the emotion that motivated the poet. Therefore, ‘letter to the
beloved’ does not conform to the rules of syntax, using punctuation only
when necessary in order to allow the poem to be as it should be- raw,
unapologetic and free flowing. My Instagram handle  is

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Previously published in
India Poetry Magazine:
"The Nature of the Beast" by Natisha Parsons.

Published June 8, 2020

Poets of India Contest #1 - First Place

letter to the beloved

by Diya Mathur
(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)
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