Published August 17, 2020

Actual Independence Day

by Devanshi Soni
(Delhi, India)
India Poetry Magazine - "Actual Independence Day" by Devanshi Soni
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Actual Independence Day

The day she will go somewhere which is not near,
And yeah, that too without any fear;

The day she will walk on the road very late at night,
And yeah, she will come back totally alright;

The day she will wear short skirt,
And yeah, she will not come across any flirt;

The day she will say whatever she wants,
And yeah, no one will give her a taunt;

The day she will choose her career on her own,
And yeah, without getting a warning of disown;

The day she will go out with male friends,
And yeah, her virginity will not end;

The day she will not be considered a liability,
And yeah, she will receive equability;

The day she will feel safe in this nation,
And yeah, without any discrimination;

The day she will not need to carry a pepper spray,
And yeah, the day everything will happen this way,
Will be actually our “Independence day”.

I’m Devanshi Soni, a student in Delhi. I’m a great fan of poetry and love
to write poems whenever I want to refresh my mind from this hectic life.

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