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Receive an advertisement-free letter with the winning poems, in print, mailed out two weeks prior
to the poems being published online. Receive the First Place poem only, or both the First Place
poem and the Top India Poet. Price includes postage to all possible locations on earth. Read
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India Poetry Contest Subscription - First Place only: $4 USD

India Poetry Contest Subscription - First Place + Top India Poet: $5 USD


India Poetry Magazine invites all poets living on Earth to participate in the
India Poetry Contest. Prizes will be awarded for First Place and Top India
Poet. Winning these prizes also wins entry into the
Wax Poetry and Art
World's Best Poem contest.

The format of the contest is intended to create a cultural exchange between
the international community of poets and poets residing in India.

Published and edited by Kirk Ramdath.

A project of
Wax Poetry and Art.

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Publisher & Managing Editor: Kirk Ramdath.
Published online in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Publication frequency: Rolling.
Cost: Free.

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