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Visual Art by Dorina Costras
Poetry by Anca Mihaela Bruma
Published January 11, 2016

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Wax International: Visual Art & Poetry by Dorina Costras & Anca Mihaela Bruma
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Biographies of the Artists
Born in Iasi, Romania, Dorina studied Decorative Arts and worked as a designer and as teacher
of fine arts. Nowadays she collaborates with decorating companies as indoor designer and painter.
She has been exhibiting her art work since 1995 till present all over Romania as well overseas.
The artist is globally known due to her particular way of painting. She paints from imagination and
the favorite theme – costumes and masks of carnival. Dorina Costras also depicts a fantastic
universe with the atmosphere of the history away from our days. Dorina Costras’s art – Elegant
Surrealism, with a sensual erotic flavor. Mature Fantasy Art in vibrant colors, futuristic polished
images that make you think.

The author Anca Mihaela Bruma labels her own writings as being "sensually mystique" or
"mystically sensual", a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. Through
her writings she overpass what seems to be the limitations of the human but emphasizing the
essence of the woman, of the Goddess. The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a
transformative experience in life, the energysing force in the universe and empowering the
creative feminine. Anca has won many international awards for her poetry, and has published ten

Drink Deeply From My Soul

Drink deeply from my soul,
this imitation of Life you may forget
just remember our dreams and desires…

I have been known you
as the One, the Unbounded,
the Known and Unknown,
the Infinite
inside the small and great,
as the Knower of my knowing
Sacred…. and Profane,

Drink deeply from my soul,
and let your breath dress my eyes
into the well of living and adoration…

You are the One!...
And… I am the Self!
The seer of sight, where vision
owns no eyes,
just rainbows bloom
in the heat of the night,
and forests grow inside the desert,
there… our oasis of souls,
we shall feed one another
from the grapes of wraith
and nourish our weary lives with Life.

Into the endless forest we roam,
meandering in the Paradise Lost
along the cold mountain stream we spend
in our garden of Eden our worries end!...

Me… and You!
without yesterdays and tomorrows,
just conjugated by the verb of Today!...

Drink deeply from my soul,
beloved one,
learn the science
of my name’s metempsychosis,
so my songs may reveal the mystery
of your bleeding longing…

You know, the blueprinting
of the Heart of the Hearts,
in this Time continuum
of All that it IS!...

Your stardust free verses songs,
awakens the Presence
of my Essence!...

Drink deeply from my soul
and let questions come in
…and fall out
of this Existence!....

See the Beauty beyond the Beauty,
let your breath sing different sizes
of Life,
built in a scarlet octave,
so your words will grow younger!

Let the flavor of your Beigness
Explode into this Existence!…

Drink deeply from my soul
and the Word will be undressed
from the World!...

Never Left the Flowing Meanders of You

Serenade me with your Silence,
where Time becomes fluid
in the tempo of our emotions
and specters of self evolving...

Invite me inside your Story,
make my breath vibrate in colors,
as a climax of two highest notes
marked by the adagio of purple.

Place me in the space between Words,
and delicately raise my Punctuation,
where your Love collides with my stanzas
and your name sounds like my name...

Raise your curve of assonance
while my iambs are ascending,
with young couplets and haiku,
so Time will start counting my Name.

Kiss me in perfect intervals,
when Time and Space are erotisized,
with holographic sceneries in your eyes,
like a frame within my smile...

Paint my eyelids with violets
until I find our Horizon,
and turn my Soul into a metaphor
with nymphs singing in the holy fields....

Rhyme your Time on the edge of my Soul,
so I can make “Love” a verb tonight,
a free verse with different seasons,
a tale of us on an empty canvas...

Recite my thoughts in dazzling flavors
and empty me on various pages,
as if there is no Love to include us both
and no dew drops to mirror our World...

Sing to me in spoken echoes,
steal the night beneath my feet,
let emotions break the parenthesis...
So you know... I have never left..... your side!...

My Wings Have Not Widened For A Trivial Love

My wings have not widened for a trivial Love,
You!... just have filled your emptiness…
My light reveals your soul’s wrinkles,
singing this song, I do not know anymore…

You took my anthem!...
An hour of absolution I try to find,
your existence to be shaken from my being,
your caress to be erased from my skin
and forget the reasons of your own oblivion.

The moment got stoned inside the adversity,
too early became too late!...
Not even my insane flight is aerial enough,
and I got tired of being afraid
of the shifting shadow of the Present.
That you were here,
but you chose not to become!...

Your departures still whistle in my tympanum,
no more icons inside this Love sanctuary…
You are aching inside my open wound!
Remembrances about you became like footnotes
and the punctuation replaced all my words!

The light’s rustle chant your presence no more!...
I am still here… humming my melody… telling you
my wings have not widened for a trivial Love!...
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