Published August 17, 2020

Paean to a Summer Morning

by John Grey
(Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)
Wax International - "Paean to a Summer Morning" by John Grey
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Paean to a Summer Morning

Summer morning’s Rorschach test:
I see safe passage, peaceful ambience,
suspension of all fear,
an entire day slowly ripening,
and laid out at my feet.

All things are familiarly depicted
from the green swathe of trees
to the proudly upright grass stalks
and an explosion of bird song
that seals everything together.

I’m caught up in humming
the first song on my lips.
I believe in my prospects,
from the grand to the most miniscule.
Look at the scenery.
No end in sight
and a wide blue sky
that’s worthy of my trust.

Am I the only one, I wonder.
Do others open the door
to wide sharp-toothed jaws?
Or perpetual winter?
Or a mirror of their own face,
image dragged down by jealous gods?

Oh I’ve been as downhearted, as downtrodden, as most.
But I always hail the corrective when it comes.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in
Transcend, Dalhousie Review, and Qwerty, with work upcoming in
Blueline, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Clade Song.

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