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Poetry by Giordano Aguilar

15 Minutes to Enlightenment
Published December 3, 2015

15 minutes to enlightenment

Today I woke up with pain in my
muscles and bones.
Throw away the sheets letting my
body feel the cold.
Quickly I roll over with them to be
one with my bed again,
then I look at my cellphone, it’s
already seven o’clock.

Turn on the lights, pick up my
clothes off the floor,
heat up some water, put my clothes
on, go back to bed.
Five minutes maybe ten, fifteen
minutes of glory that feel
like an eternity.

Now it’s really late. I hate this
job anyways.
For eight hours I’m a machine,
for eight years I’m pretending to be.
Time is an illusion except at lunch then
it always goes so fast, it’s a good thing that
even in this place I can dream, at

I keep looking for glory whatever
that is, some say it’s beauty,
some say that it’s not meant to be.
I say it must be your body,
your big hips and your tiny feet, I
know it’s on your lips and if it's
not it should be.

Now I’m going back home, the
sanctuary of peace and distractions
that I love so much. Talk to my kitty and
hear what she has to say and
naked I keep going with this ritual
of leaving my life away.

Anxiety and thoughts, sadness and
When I’m alone and the music is
pounding, my spirit keeps shouting:
Come on man let’s go.

Anxiety and thoughts, sadness and
When I’m alone and the music is
pounding, my body wants to be touched
once more.

I run for my cellphone hoping for
her to be there for me of course.
Sometimes I’m so selfish, I know, but
I love you darling you are part of my soul.
She answers we are laughing it’s
perfect indeed. I’m happy and forgetful not
more than a fool, if I could separate
madness and just see what is true,
I would be enlightened right here, in this


There is one energy that holds everything together.
A power that pushes things to evolve.
An omnipotent force of attraction.
It is the sacred power of love.

This is the real atomic and subatomic order of things.
The affinity and attraction of every particle of living beings.
It's this attraction that holds life together and makes
spirits to find each other through time and space.

This one supreme force exists inside you, we are made out of love.
You just have to let your body feel the attraction and let it
take you wherever it wants you to go, they say that, if you
follow your heart, it would never lead you astray.  The true inside
this words lays on this energy source of knowledge and life.

So do not fear death ever again brothers and sisters, you will
find each other again and again. Through all distance. We would
be the same but different ; we would be better; staying together
through every cycle, staying together through every age.

Biography of Giordano Aguilar
My name is Giordano Aguilar. I'm a Mexican immigrant and I have been in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada for seven years. I'm married and I currently have
no kids and don't plan to for a long time. I play around as a concrete finisher
for which completely sucks but pays the bills. I write random stuff at random
times for no reason whatsoever except the pleasure of writing itself.
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