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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
ISSN 1925-0355 (Print)
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Canada’s art magazine.
Vol. 3, No. 3. Autumn 2013.
Publisher and Managing Editor:
Kirk Ramdath.
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Email: info@waxpoetryart.com
Mailing Address: PO Box 31072, 112 4 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 0C0.
Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Cover photo: "Crack" by Calgary's Victor Liu.
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Contributor Biographies (in aphabetical order)
Christine Falk
is a published Alberta author and poet currently working on her second
fiction publication. She enjoys working on a diverse variety of topics and dealing with an
assortment of subject matter. Her first novel
Unremarkable in Light, published by Author
House can be located on Chapters, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and on the publishers
web site.

Victor Liu is a self-taught multi-award winning nature photographer based in Calgary,
Alberta. He specializes in landscape, wildlife and macro photography. His work has been
published in magazines such as
Photo Life, Canadian Geographic, Outdoor Photography
and Canadian Camera. He has been photographing the Canadian Rockies since
the very beginning of his photography career. The style of his work is fine art photography,
which not only focuses on the beauty of nature itself, but also tells a story in each scene.

Bob MacKenzie is a Canadian poet who grew up in various communities in Southern
Alberta’s parklands and the foothills of The Rockies. He began his writing career in
Calgary, where he worked at
The Calgary Herald and where his first book was published.  
Experiencing traditional poetry readings as less than interesting, throughout his career
Bob has presented his words as theatrical performance, often with musical
accompaniment.  Bob is widely published in journals, literary magazines, and anthologies
across North America and as far away as Australia and India.  Performing his poems and
lyrics with the group Poem de Terre, he’s also released six albums.

Diane Mascherin is a designer, artist, poet, and photographer - Diane believes they all
overlap in one way or another. She started writing poetry at a young age to help release
those things inside that needed to find a way out. Art and photography soon followed.
Walks in nature, taking photos of animals, trees and whatever else, keeps her steady. The
many layers of nature, as with art and words, inspires her creatively. Each day brings about
change within and without – as it should.

Mikaela Radford was born in Montreal in 1993 and lived in London, England, for three
years before moving to Calgary, Alberta. While in London she had the opportunity to write
for the
London Times as well as participate in many poetry workshops. In Calgary she has
interned with Shakespeare in the Park, studies speech arts at the Conservatory at Mount
Royal University, and is currently entering her third year of Geology at the University of
Calgary where she also plays violin for the university orchestra.

Jennifer Roberts is an actress, mover, clown, poet, yoga instructor, playwright, teacher,
student, and lover of life. Her poems "What I would do if you asked", "Inside Out" and
"Death Rotates" can be found published in the
Caffe Beano Anthology. Some of her
playwriting credits include:
The Carrying, Parched, Lucky and Fu$%ed, Wilma May and Her
Tight White Socks
(Soul-o-centric Festival 2012), The Dangers of Being (Sage Theatre
Ignite! Festival),
Voy.er.ee (Buck Assembled Artists), and Caffeine Ladies (Arachne

Erin Vance is an English student at the University of Calgary. She runs a creative writing
group for young women and is currently working on her first verse novel.
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