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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
Vol. 3, No. 3. Autumn 2013.
Edited by Kirk Ramdath.
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Winner - Poetry Contest #3

Boa Constrictor

by Okotoks's Erin Vance

My face is flaking- shaking like the air’s too thin
I can’t breathe
-skin shedding like a boa,
I kiss you in the vacant winter
Your lips have a taste I don’t always remember
it being like this.
-This agonizing simplicity
we bite ourselves until blood
curls to the surface and
we cradle ourselves in sweat.
silence swallows passion
our bodies fold.
-trapped in mirrors we quiver.
Maybe someday you’ll buy me orchids
instead of saying ‘I love you.’
And I’ll still hold you in an insomniac grip-
your fingertips breaking in the sunrise.
(“stop loving so fiercely.”)
But I am always hungry
always aching to be set against
a backdrop of deep-blue, slow-moving stars.

there’s a tightness in my chest

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