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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
Vol. 3, No. 3. Autumn 2013.
Edited by Kirk Ramdath.
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Cover Image & Winner - Photo Contest #1

"Crack" by Calgary's Victor Liu. Click the image for a larger view in a new window.
Winner - Hundred Dollar Poetry Contest #1


by Calgary’s Christine Falk

A quiet soul will stand quiet
in the light of all just treatment
but take away justice;
take away justice from the quiet soul
and a whisper becomes a wail.

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Winner - Poetry Contest #3

Boa Constrictor

by Okotoks's Erin Vance

My face is flaking- shaking like the air’s too thin
I can’t breathe
-skin shedding like a boa,
I kiss you in the vacant winter
Your lips have a taste I don’t always remember
it being like this.
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Third Place - Poetry Contest #3


by Kingston's Bob MacKenzie

there’s floods in the south
the cattle head for the hills
the cowboys in close pursuit

the prairie reverts to primal sea
trilobites appear across the land

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Winner - Spoken Word Contest #1

So Wide

by Calgary's Jennifer Roberts

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Winner - Visual Art Contest #1

"Birds on Art" by Toronto's Diane Mascherin. Click to view a larger image in a new window.
Second Place - Poetry Contest #3


by Calgary's Mikaela Radford

And I was Ariel, servant to the wise,
My hair was blue and mouth was stained as well
As though I’d muttered ink on pages white, and
Around mine eyes collected tears of sea

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