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Vol. 3, No. 4. Spring 2014.
Publisher and Managing Editor:
Kirk Ramdath.
Editorial Staff:
Jeff Cruz (Photography), Alyson Fortowsky (Fiction)
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Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Cover image: "Rhino writer" by Calgary's Ink Smashed Artists.
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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to issue no. 4 of Wax Poetry and Art Magazine. We are pleased to present the
work of twelve Canadian writers and artists from Vancouver Island to Sydney, Nova
Scotia, and many places in between.  Canadian poetry and art is abundant.
Wax Poetry
and Art Magazine
showcases this work in the most accessible way possible -- for free.
We accept and publish work from writers and artists from all backgrounds. Writers and
artists of all stripes have their own personal motivations for creating their work. What
unites us all is the passion that motivates that creation -- that need that comes from
within to create something where there was nothing -- out of a jumble of thoughts and
feelings; to interrogate the tapestry of our experiences with words, a voice, a pen, a
camera, a paintbrush.
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Contributor Biographies in Alphabetical Order

Kris Demeanor is the first Poet Laureate of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary-born songwriter Kris
Demeanor delights in exposing the underbelly of western Canadian culture - gambling,
drug use, murder, religion, the suburbs. His numerous CDs of original work explore the
darkness and absurdity of these corners of Alberta life. While Kris's music has taken him
around the world performing, he has become a fixture of Calgary's spoken word, theatre,
and music communities, creating music and lyrics for numerous award-winning projects.

C. Leigh Gibson, also known as Poeticleigh Speaking, is a writer from Ontario, Canada.  
She has written poetry since she was a child, and has been a member of LiPS (the Live
Poets Society of Lanark County) doing spoken word poetry since 2008, when she was a
member of the first rural team to participate at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.  
Outside of her work-life, she can often be found writing, performing, reciting, reading,
singing, or hosting fundraising luncheons with her FuLL DECK (Fundraising Lunch
Ladies with Delightful Entertainment, Cooking & Knowledge) partner – for local charities.

Philip Gordon is a creative writing student in Nanaimo, BC, studying at Vancouver Island
University. He has won local prizes for his short fiction, and hopes to keep himself from
starving by publishing poetry one day. His favorite season is the fall.

Ink Smashed Artists are a group consisting of three Calgary-born visual artists - Joel
Monea, Helen Young and Mark Eadie. Being friends since elementary school, Joel and
Mark have spent a good portion of their lives creating art together and supporting each
other artistically. The two met Helen while attending the Alberta College of Art and Design
and quickly realized they all had a strong artistic connection and proceeded to collaborate
on an abundance of illustrations and artwork.

Candice James, Poet Laureate of New Westminster, BC and member of New West
Artists, has written with vivid imagery for years and has recently moved into the medium of
creative painting. Candice lets the brush, pallette and colours guide her inspiration onto
the canvas to the final destination of the finished painting. Her works have been shown in
three art shows, with two shows upcoming.

Gary LeDrew lived at the Louisbourg Lighthouse as a child. Both of his parents painted,
and Gary was artistic from an early age. He has had an adventurous life, including sailing
in the Caribbean, delivering racing yachts, and working as a bosun on a square-rigger.
He was a member of “The Electric Magnetic Spectrum”, one of the first avant-garde
bands. He managed a New Orleans jazz band and ran a famous after-hours club. In
2004, he moved back to Louisbourg and has been photographing and creating art there
ever since.

Victor Liu is a self-taught multi-award winning nature photographer based in Calgary,
Alberta. He specializes in landscape, wildlife, and macro photography. His work has
been published in magazines such as
Photo Life, Canadian Geographic, Outdoor
Photography Canada
and Canadian Camera. He has been photographing the Canadian
Rockies since the very beginning of his photography career. The style of his work is fine
art photography, which not only focuses on the beauty of nature itself, but also tells a story
in each scene.

Stedmond Pardy is a 29 year old Left Handed poet living in Mississauga, who served as
Poet in Residence at Reg Hartt's
The Cineforum, & has performed his work on Nik
Beat's, "Howl" program on 89.5, as well as at a few venues around the Toronto region.

Bronwyn Schuster is a traditional artist from the small town of Eastend, Saskatchewan,
although currently she can be found in Sweden studying at the Swedish Academy of
Realist Art. Her artwork ranges in diversity, but at the moment is centralizing on self
portraits as both a mode of self discovery and an outlet for narcissism.

Carol Shaw, wife, mother, part-time health care worker and aspiring writer, blogged
anonymously and happily for three years. She took her writing skills to Toastmasters and
enjoyed six years of stage time. Last summer, after joining her daughter and her friend,
both English Majors, in daily writing challenges, she again felt stoked to pursue her
passion of the written word. Crazily, she agreed to be a part of the NaNoWrMo experience
this year.
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