Interview / Poetry

Dymphny Dronyk: Unapologetic Poetry Evangelist
Dymphny Dronyk is a Canadian poet, publisher,
and poetry advocate. She is the current president
of the board of the LOCP and co-publisher at
House of Blue Skies. Along with co-editor Kris
Demeanor (Calgary's first poet laureate) and
publisher Frontenac House, House of Blue Skies
has just released
The Calgary Project - A City
Map in Verse and Visual

Part One: Interview
Dymphny muses on the interesting relationship
between cities and their art, and talks about how
Canadian poets can engage more people with
their work.

"We just need to continue to show that poetry is,
in fact, all around us, is written into our DNA, and
we need to show that is accessible and
interesting, whatever the type of poetry we
practice." - Dymphny Dronyk.

Read the Interview.
Part Two: Poetry

Presenting three poems by Dymphny Dronyk.

Ik ben Oranje / I am Orange

a country of pragmatists,
of traders, of slavers, of tea and tulips and oil,
my great grandmother coiling her indigenous locks
into a neat knot at the nape of her neck,
married off to a merchant,
shipped out of Suriname and its soul heat
to the cold, white rains of Amsterdam,
she kept a shrine in a back room,
could heal with her hands, it is said,
her skin too dark, so her son, and then his son
both learned to turn their hands into fists.

Excerpt from the poem, "Ik ben Oranje / I am Orange".
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