Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the June 2014 issue of Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.

This issue is significant for several reasons. The first is that this is by far the largest
issue of the magazine that has ever been published. The work of 20 Canadian artists is
represented, including 28 poems, over 30 photos and images of artwork, fiction, spoken
word, and interviews.

A whopper of an issue, for sure - made possible in large part because of another reason
of significance. This is the first issue of the magazine that has been published all online.
There is no print version.

I probably do not need to spend much time explaining why there is no print version.
Although I do believe there is a situation where a print version will be viable, far larger
publishers with far deeper pockets have been scared off by that dragon. I raise a glass
to the printed page that I adore. While I hope one day that I will be able to publish a print
version of the magazine again, I am also very proud of having distributed over 10,000
free print copies of
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine to the city of Calgary.

However much I do enjoy the printed page, the very real prospect of saving myself
hundreds of dollars made the decision very easy. On top of that, this newfangled thing
called "The Internet" seems like it is here to stay. Now that I have severed myself from
the worthwhile but cumbersome burden of paper, I am able to explore the positive
aspects of publishing writing and artwork online.

I hope that you enjoy the beginnings of these explorations, as found in this new issue.

Thanks for reading.


Kirk Ramdath
Publisher and Editor
Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
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