Dear readers,

Thank your for journeying into a new issue of
Wax Poetry and Art. The adventure
continues. This issue, number 6 of volume 3, presents the work of 24 Canadian poets,
writers, photographers, visual arts, musicians, and filmmakers.

I am honoured to share the work of these artists with you. Please share any work that
resonates with you on your social media so that others, and especially other Canadians,
may also enjoy.

This issue is diverse. There is diversity in the levels of experience of the artists.
Lawrence Chrismas, a grand master of Canadian photography, and Niveen
Fouda, a budding street photographer. There is also cultural diversity. Between Robert
Sison and Angelo Tembreza's,
Baybayin poetry, Klyde Broox's dub poems interrogating
empire and language, and Lawrence Chrismas's photographs and stories of retired
Canadian miners and their spouses, we can discern much of the history of the world --
the last few centuries at least.

This is a pleasurable discernment. We are aesthetically and emotionally stimulated.
We think and we feel.

Different views, juxtaposed in harmony, enlighten one another. From that juxtaposition,
there is a greater light.

Shine on.


Kirk Ramdath
Publisher and Editor
Wax Poetry and Art

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Letter from the Editor
by Kirk Ramdath
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Letter from the Editor
"Shine On"
by Kirk Ramdath
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