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Stories in Song and Film

by Megan Landry

Megan Landry is a seventeen year old
Canadian musician and singer-songwriter
who also makes her own music videos. For
Megan, "Expressing myself is the entire
purpose of being an artist. Making a point,
sharing opinions, shaking sense, primping
feelings — it’s all part of it."

Telling stories is an important aspect of her
work. "The instruments paint the emotions
and the lyrics paint the story," Megan says.
Her stories are inspired by her experiences as
a young person, as well as by social concerns
that resonate at any age.
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Stories in Song and Film
by Megan Landry

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Fiction by Lori Hahnel.

Stories in Song and Film
by Megan Landry

Enjoy this free music by Megan Landry. Including the unreleased, "Nose Bleeds". Click to
play, right-click to save.

Nose Bleeds (Unreleased)
3 mins 42 secs, 5.09 MB
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Four Months
2 mins 20 secs, 3.62 MB
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Music Video

"Crooked Lullaby" by Megan Landry
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