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Poetry Contest #6 - Winners (alphabetical)


by Evelyn Deshane

They say when she was pregnant, lightning struck.
A yellow ball of light rolled over the grass,
through the backyard, and into the windows.

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by J.J. Steinfeld

about to begin a restless walk
you look up and see clouds
clouds ancient and elusive
how absurd, ancient clouds

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Flash Fiction Contest #3 - Winner

Watching in Memory

by J.J. Steinfeld

Down by the city’s waterfront, the first hints of winter in the air, Vincent, in the fourth day
of his retirement, and who has spent his entire life in this city, is humming “I Cover the
Waterfront,” unable to remember if it was Billie Holiday or Bessie Smith who sang it on
the old 78 record his high-school sweetheart’s mother owned and played for them over
and over --

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Haiku Contest #3 - Winner

one year
after the flood

by Joanne Morcom

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Cover Image

Doll Face

By Oculto Masks (Shay Lhea)
Model: Aurora Chan
Photo: Vince Hemingson

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