Poetry & Art

Baybayin Poetry

Calligraphy by Robert J. Sison
Poetry by Angelo Tembreza
Robert Sison did not have any knowledge that a pre-colonial writing system existed in
what is now known as the Philippines. Most Filipino people are unaware as he was, so
since the late 90s, Robert has been inspired to research and share the knowledge of
Baybayin, and help in the revival of this amazing part of the Pre-Filipino culture.

Angelo Tembreza composes poems in response to calligraphy of three terms - "lasa",
"unawa", and "lahi" - and explores the contemporary cultural reality of being a Canadian.

View & read the calligraphy & poetry.

Interview & Film Selection & Poetry

The Art of the Video Poem:
Heather Haley & Visible Verse

Kirk Ramdath shares an interview with Heather
Haley, curator of the Visible Verse Festival in
Vancouver, British Columbia. Includes a selection
of video poems to enjoy.

As well, Heather shares poems from her new
Detective Work.

Read the interview.
Watch the video poems.
Read poems from Detective Work.

Flash Fiction Contest #3 - Runner Up


by Madeline Lines

There was a hole in our house. All the neighbours could see in. They all thought it was
peculiar, but it was built this way. In the morning i’d converse with the mailman while
brushing my teeth over the sink, pausing only to swish and spit. Cats would wander in on
Mondays while mother was cooking fish and knead her legs, mewling.

Excerpt shown.
Read the flash fiction.

Interview & Photography

Festival Nation: Celebration

Wax Poetry and Art photography editor Jeff Cruz talks about his multi-year project called
Festival Nation, and shares some photos from the first phase of the project,
"Black & white photographs have that innate quality of making the actual moment come
alive.  At night, those integral elements of electronic dance music culture come
alive as well, but in the form of colour."

Read the interview.
See Jeff Cruz's photography.
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Music & Film

Stories in Song and Film

by Megan Landry
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