Fiction - Preview

After You've Gone

by Lori Hahnel
& from Thistledown Press

After You’ve Gone is the title of an early jazz standard
first recorded in 1918 and creates the tone for a novel
which has at its heart both music and time. Set in
Regina, Saskatchewan and Seattle, Washington, it is
the story of two generations of musicians – a gypsy
jazz guitarist grandmother and a punk rocker /
songwriter granddaughter.

From the text:
"This didn’t feel right. Still, things were tough all over.
Maybe it wasn’t easy to find a place to rehearse. And
since I’d taken the streetcar all the way from downtown
I figured I might as well knock, anyway. The grass
crunched like straw under my feet as I walked up to
the door."

Read the excerpt.


On Leaving the Residential School & Other Poems

by Christine Falk

Those were old memories.
Running from that cleared field to the tall thin trees,
Running beyond that false safety.
Running for deep forest cover,
Running until I reached the river.
Ice waters reviving me.
Ice waters numbing me when I was already full numb
Then that hushed lullaby that only the spruce trees sing.
That hushed lullaby.

Excerpt from "On Leaving the Residential School" shown.
Read Christine Falk's poetry.

Haiku Contest #3 - Runner Up

salal husks
the colour of dead fire

by Philip Gordon

First two of three lines shown.
Read the haiku.

Visual Art

Oculto Masks, Part Two: As Worn
"When anyone dons a mask or hat, they feel they finally have an opportunity to flaunt a
dormant or secretive part of who they are." - Shay Lhea  (Oculto Masks).

View Shay Lhea's wearable art, As Worn.


Travels Around the World

Daniel Tiu shares photographic gems from his travels.
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Wax #6 Index  |  One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five
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