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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.
"Canada's art magazine."
ISSN 2292-0943. Quarterly.
Volume 3, No. 7. December 2014.
Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Publisher and Managing Editor: Kirk Ramdath.
Main Fiction Editor: Alyson Fortowsky.
Contributing Editor: Angela Boyce.
Website by: Kirk Ramdath.
Cover image: "At Work" by Karine Gordon-Beaumier.

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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
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Calgary, AB, Canada  T2E 2P6
Submissions are open to residents of Canada only.

Contributors (alphabetical)

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Madeline Barber
Mario Breau
Selina Clary
Eric Draht
Karine Gordon-Beaumier
Natasha Head
Catherine A. MacKenzie
Robyn Marshall
Micheline Maylor
Luke R. J. Maynard
Joanne Morcom
Lauren Peterson
Marc Rivest
Greg Simison
Universal Fallout
Anna Yin


Madeline Barber
A writer since I was a child, I’m currently finishing up a creative writing
degree at the University of Victoria. My studies focus on Creative non-
fiction genres, however I can’t seem to stop writing poetry on the side.
Previously published in local papers
The Martlet and Essence.

Mario Breau
I am guitarist and bassists working as a performer, composer, and
teacher, and have published music reviews on
as well as on my personal blog. As a musician, I have received
classical training in performance from Cambrian College and the
University of Toronto, and am currently studying jazz.

Selina Clary
A passionate supporter of the Calgary arts scene, Selina Clary has
worked for organizations spanning the worlds of film, live theatre,
fashion, and dance. She is the founder of Red Mile Revenge! hosting
the now-concluded open-mic performance series to boisterous
audiences for four years. She has an English degree from the
University of Calgary and finds that like a fine wine, it appreciates
with age. She is currently studying Expressive Art Therapy as well
as taking business classes- she believes that balancing creativity
with pragmatism is key to a joyful existence.

Eric Draht
My name is Eric Draht, and I'm from Vernon, BC. I'm a wedding
photographer, but some of the pictures I capture outside of that are
pretty cool.

Karine Gordon-Beaumier
Karine Gordon-Beaumier is a 29 yr-old world-travel surf artist, who
grew up in Quebec. She has an unique playful signature style, inspired
by the ocean, nature, travels and surfing. She has started Surfshine Art
by KG in March 2014 and the artist's mission is to bring joy and inspire
through art. She now lives on Vancouver Island. For any art enquiries,
you can contact her by email at
Surfshine Art by KG.

Natasha Head
Natasha is author of two collections of poetry. The 2012 Pushcart
Prize nominated
Nothing Left to Lose and the narrative fictional
Pulse, both published by Winter Goose Publishing.  Her
work has also appeared in numerous anthologies, including
In the
Presence of Poets
, Inspiration Speaks and Signals From Static.
Natasha now resides in High Level, Alberta, with her family, where the
rugged landscape and lack of salty waves has introduced her and her
pen to an entirely new world, lending a heavy hand as the muse of her
most recent work.

Catherine A. MacKenzie
Catherine A. MacKenzie writes all genres but mostly dark fiction
women can relate to—stories perhaps bizarre yet ominously real. A
published author, she's also self-published several poetry and short
story collections on Amazon and Smashwords. Cathy lives in Halifax,
Nova Scotia, and winters in Ajijic, Mexico.  

Robyn Marshall
Born in 1983 and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Robyn had an early love
of the arts, in spite of never having any formal training or fine art
schooling. Her childhood dream was to illustrate medical textbooks.
Then, thanks to a highschool art teacher, she fell in love with large
scale acrylics. A majority of her career has been spent creating large
scale acrylics in Canada as well as the United States. She has now
moved onto large scale graphite drawings in pursuit of her early
childhood dream of medical illustration. Robyn lives in Chilliwack,
British Columbia, where she continues to grow techniques and her

Micheline Maylor
Micheline Maylor teaches at Mount Royal University. She was recently
short-listed for the Pat Lowther award for her collection
Whirr and Click
(Frontenac House, 2013).

Luke R. J. Maynard
Luke R. J. Maynard completed his PhD in English at the University of
Victoria in 2013. His poetry, short fiction, and literary criticism have
appeared in anthologies and journals across Canada and the United
States, including
Transverse, Sparks, and Eighteenth-Century Fiction.
He has taught literature at the University of Victoria, Huron University
College, and Western University, and currently lives in London,
Ontario, Canada.

Joanne Morcom
Joanne Morcom is a Calgary poet, social worker and living book
volunteer.  She has nice handwriting, for a southpaw.  Visit her online

Lauren Peterson
I am more of a hobby photographer, not necessarily professional as
of right now. I am taking classes to finish my Photography Certificate
of Completion from Mount Royal. I am always loved photography,
whether it was taking pictures or just going through picture after picture
of other photographer's photos. I love taking photographs and learning
about how to do it well and more creatively.

Marc Rivest
If you live in Calgary, there is a good chance you've seen Marc Rivest
perform before. With 2-6 hours of performance every day, Marc is
quickly becoming what CJSW FM refers to as "the soundtrack of
Calgary." His fingerstyle folk sound has been delighting audiences at
Calgary festivals, hotels, pubs, zoo, and LRT stations for the past
year with his complex guitar work, unique voice, and positive energy.
In December 2014, Marc releases his debut album "Breathe".

Greg Simison
Greg Simison was born in Guildford, England in 1946 and came to
Canada as a child. He is a playwright, former newspaper columnist,
and author of three previous collections of poetry:
(Thistledown Press),
The Possibilities of Chinese Trout (Okanagan
College Press), and
What the Wound Remembers (Borealis Press).
After living in most Canadian provinces at one time or another, he
currently calls Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan home.

Universal Fallout
The sounds of Universal Fallout cannot be pinned to a single genre
however, as they constantly push the musical artistic threshold to do
what many others are afraid to do: Confidently and fully explore our
human experiences for newly born transmissions of calculated sound
frequencies, waves and language - all while serving up a healthy chunk
of honey booty bass, alien technology and heavy hitting vocals for
that irresistible body thrusting therapy. Universal Fallout is currently
performing across Western Canada when not traveling or in the
studio producing their next original album.

Anna Yin
Anna Yin has five poetry books and won the 2005 Ted Plantos
Memorial Award, the 2010/2014 MARTY Awards and the 2013
Professional Achievement Award from CPAC etc.  Her poems in
English & Chinese and ten translations by her were in a Canadian
Studies textbook used by Humber College. Anna was a finalist for
Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2011 and in 2012.
Her poems appear at
Arc Poetry, New York Times, China Daily, CBC
Radio, Rogers TV, Talent Vision TV and Poetry in Transit etc. She is
currently Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets.

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