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Published December 2, 2017

Three Poems by Georgia Grimes
(Swansea, Wales)

The Dead Man
The Lady and the Sea
To Be Loved

The Dead Man

by Georgia Grimes

I leave you in the lines of my writing,
A memory I cannot face nor forget,
One man who sold me the impossible,
And bottled up his glowing light,
So I could light the storms ahead,
Your little stargazer, braver than ever.
But it’s when my daydreaming runs dry,
That your voice whispers to my writing,
My fingers typing the story of your soul,
My numbness subsides to your warmth,
But quickly I burn the hope to ash,
Up emerges this one man once more,
On the whirling rooftop of earth,
Heart of gold but dead as dust.

The Lady and the Sea

by Georgia Grimes

My fingers claw at the sea spray,
As panic splashes across my face,
The waves lick my shrivelled lips,
Silencing my salty shouting,
Currents tickle at my naked toes,
Teasing me with their strength.
I am not afloat but not drowning,
A lost woman who is waiting,
Waiting for her saviour with a ship,
To rescue her from the deep blue,
Where she swam; barely afloat.

To Be Loved

by Georgia Grimes

When you love; you love.
You open your heart to anything,
Everything all at one.
You are willing to accept that pinch;
Not salt but sweeter, with every beat
Of your love-riddled heart.

When you feel; you
You can’t control the rush of hope;
Neither the wave of jealous, or
The swarm of butterflies that
Slap their wings into your very core.
You are paralysed; head to heart.

And yet we love; to be
We are the species who seek;
Attention and attraction.
That moment your heart stops
Dead in its tracks and you think
This; this is what love is all about.

My name is Georgia Grimes, and I am a 23 year old English Teacher. I
currently live in Swansea, Wales, and I take inspiration from the beautiful
country I live in, and national politics. I really enjoying writing and studying
poetry, and teaching literature has always been my passion. I work in a
secondary school, and I encourage pupils to write and enter local
competitions themselves.
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