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Imaginings of the Familial

Bandaging the bloodied sceptre  
passed down like the baton from generations passed,  
must you hold up those warring, quarrelling words,  
watching the watering can  
bathe the blade, watching the watering can  
moisten roots of family trees? Rancidity of old memories hangs  
cornered kindliness.  

Ferment and froth,  
the gallows are here  

< Morphological ends borne —  

Bled out the crucifix  
White became red.  

The harp shakes to bits by the human hand >  
Where the owls tu-whit tu-whoo >  
Playing like lanterns lighting the path.  

Niggardly not shall money pass hands,  
Through the Dales the rooks convene  
So hide me like the bumblebee in a slumping cowslip  
All I see is a shroud of yellow  
Have I entered Custard Land?  
Is Spring’s last birth but stillborn?  
No! No!  
The amnion not cut away  
The embryo pure  
Eyes azure in a babe  
Tenderised heaven’s heart  
To leave no quibble of love.

Joel Schueler's s works appear in over ten countries in over forty
publications including
Pennsylvania Literary Journal & The Brasilia
. From London, he has a BA(Hons) in English Literature &
Creative Writing from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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London Poetry Magazine:
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Published December 31, 2020

Featured Local Poet

Imaginings of the Familial

by Joel Schueler
(Stroud, Glouchestershire, England)
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